Letisko Sliač, a.s. offers wide area for development of business activities not only in the Banská Bystrica region. We are aware that the position of an international airport in the region is very significant, it bears variety as well as a large number of business activities for all. It also completes the transport infrastructure of the whole region – it becomes the most important part – “gate to the world”.

From the point of civil aviation function in the Banská Bystrica region, we develop and see cooperation in the following activities:


  • operation of the airport,
  • maintenance of the operating areas,
  • ground servicing of aircrafts,
  • provision of services for handling of passengers and freight,
  • storage and custody of baggage and transported goods,
  • operation of customs warehouse,
  • storage except for operation of public warehouse,
  • provision of handling services for all types of civil aviation,
  • cooperation with operation of sightseeing flights, sport flights and other ad-hoc flights,
  • filling / tanking and sale of aviation fuel,
  • intermediary activity of catering services,
  • intermediary activity of cleaning and hygienic services within the airport premises and  interiors/exteriors of the aircrafts,
  • rental of premises for a hangar and a garage of small aircrafts or general aviation,
  • provision of security and safety as well as public order at the airport,
  • provision of technical services for protection of persons and property,
  • operation of plant fire-fighting unit.


  • provision of advertising areas and areas for distribution of advertisements for presentation of business entities / subjects,
  • partners´marketing, web marketing,
  • support of tourism in cultural-historical regions which reachable areas of SLIAČ airport – Horehronie, Pohronie, Turčiansky, Gemerský, Liptovský, Ipeľský, Oravský, Nitriansky and Hornonitriansky region…