The check-in luggage is the luggage which is weighted and the „Check-in“ desk, it is entered into the boarding ticket of the passenger and is transported on the plane in a special luggage area. Maximum weight and size / dimensions of the luggage is defined by individual air transport companies and therefore it may be suitable to inform at the air transport company about these limits in advance / before the flight (like the travel agency), or directly at the air transport company (by phone, on the web page, etc.)

Security / safety regulations also apply for the check-in luggage which the passenger must respect and comply with. Provided that the check-in luggage includes forbidden – non-permitted objects or substances the passenger will be called to take these objects out of the luggage. Provided the passenger fails to take these objects out transport of such luggage will be rejected and in some cases the flight transport of the passenger may also be rejected.

In order to avoid any conflict situations the best solution is to avoid them. This can be achieved by way of respecting the principles related to packing of the check-in luggage. In this area the regulations issued by the Slovak Republic apply in generally (mainly the Act No. 143/1998 Coll. (Zákon č. 143/1998 Z.z) and Národný program ochrany civilného letectva pred činmi protiprávneho zasahovania) (National programme of the civil flight protection against acts of illegal intervention)  and the European Union (mainly the European parliament and the Council Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008 – Nariadenie Európskeho parlamentu a Rady (ES) č. 300/2008 and Executive Regulation of the Commission (EU) 2015/1998 – Vykonávacie nariadenie Komisie (EÚ) 2015/1998) pursuant to the above stated acts and regulations the following objects are forbidden to be transported / carried in the check-in luggage:


The passengers are not allowed to carry in their check-in luggage the following objects, explosives and ignition substances and devices which may cause serious injuries or which represent a threat for the safety of the flight, including:

  • ammunition,
  • warheads,                                         
  • detonators and blasting caps,
  • replica or imitations of explosive devices,
  • mine, bombs, and other military explosive materials,
  • fireworks  and other pyrotechnics,
  • smoke creating containers and cartridges,
  • dynamite, blasting powder and plastic explosives.

It is forbidden to carry any alcoholic beverages in non-original packaging in the check-in luggage.  Alcoholic beverages must be packed in their selling packaging, must not be open before and must be sealed with an original protective duty stamp.
Spirits / alcohol not originating from the  trade network will be excluded from the air transport.