Strict rules still apply for transport of liquids, aerosols and gel in the hand luggage. Similarly, the passenger shall not take any weapons and their imitation, stun devices, explosives and incendiary agents and devices, subjects with sharp edge or point, working tools and abutting objects which may cause serious injury to a reserved security premises and on the board of the plane.

The list of forbidden objects is informative only. Detection control staff has a right to exclude any other objects which raise serious suspicion of being possibly misused for purposes of a threat of civil flight safety from the air transport.

We recommend the passengers to check properly their hand luggage which they take with them on the board of the plane before the Check-In procedure. This way they may still have the chance to take any objects out from it which are forbidden to be carried by the air transport in the hand luggage and put them into the check-in luggage, which shall be placed onto the plane into defined area. During this control a maximum attention shall also be paid to liquids which volumes may not exceed 100 ml individually and that the sum of all individual packages  (liquids, pastes, gels, aerosols in total) does not exceed 1 litre (1000 ml).