A parking place for 167 cars and 2 buses is available for providing of comfort of passengers and guests directly next to the airport terminal. The parking place is available NONSTOP.

FREE 30 minutes parking in front of the terminal

The parking area is suitable for short as well as for long term parking. The parking area is provided with a ramp, monitored with a camera system and it is not guarded. Booking of a parking place is not possible. Parking for disabled people is free of charge.


30 minutesFree
1. day (within 24 hours)8 EUR
2 - 7 days28 EUR
8 - 10 days35 EUR
11 - 12 days40 EUR
13 - 15 days46 EUR
Each next day4 EUR
Loss of parking ticket50 EUR


  1. Upon arrival at the parking place take a ticket from the machine
  2. Park your car at a chosen place and place the ticket away from the reach of sunlight
  3. Before you leave place the parking ticket into the parking machine and pay the parking fee. The machine accepts 0.50 EUR, 1 EUR, 2 EUR and banknotes up to 50 EUR. A ticket will be issued after payment of the fee.
  4. Leave the airport within 15 minutes. The ramp will open automatically.