Luggage trolleys can be found at the departure and arrival terminal. The luggage trolleys are available for the passengers for free.

The luggage trolleys are available for free.


Your luggage will be packed into a safety foil which will protect your luggage against damage, dump and theft of the content. This service is available at the departure terminal, opposite the Cafe Pilot coffee shop, near the children´s corner.

Price: 2,90 € /1 pc luggage.



Pencils, colouring books, cuddly toys and other toys are waiting for your children in the children´s corner. The children´s corner can be found in the departure terminal and is open every day during the time of flights departure.

There is no fee paid for the use of children´s corner.


You can drink or eat something at the departure terminal at Café Pilot coffee shop which is freely available to the public. During the summer months the summer terrace is also available near the coffee shop. The coffee shop is open at least two hours before departure of the plane and half an hour after the departure.


Visit Café Pilot.

Second Café Pilot coffee shop is available only for passengers who went through the security control. It is situated in Gate behind the security control. The coffee shop is open during each holiday flight – also during night and early morning hours.



The basic principle in case of any loss, damage or theft / stealing of luggage is to contact respective claim office immediately after arrival into the place of destination and to write down the protocol on the event, so called PIR (Property Irregularity Report).

Upon reporting of the problem at the luggage claim desk / office you shall submit your boarding ticked and luggage ticket.

Then the passenger shall contact the travel company / agency through which he / she purchased the trip together with the PIR protocol issued by the airport as a document / certificate on loss, damage or stealing of the luggage.

The luggage claim office at the Letisko Sliač, a.s. airport is situated in the arrival terminal.  The employee of the airport is always present at the office at the time of arrivals of planes.

Contact:, 045/ 544 33 23