The passenger may carry commonly available liquid medicine up to 100 ml per one package or in solid state in the hand luggage:

  • Without the need of a medical prescription,
  • Provided the medicine is liquid, it must be placed in a transparent and re-closing plastic bag (together with other liquids, aerosols and gels) with a capacity up to 1 litre, while the contents of this plastic bag can easily fit in it and the bag is closed completely.

The group includes: nasal/eye drops, syrup against cough, etc.

In case of a need of insulin pens or liquid medicine (syrup against cough, solution for rinsing of contact lenses, drink for a diabetic patient etc.) with a package exceeding 100 ml:

  • These may be carried  / transported in the hand luggage in a package also exceeding 100 ml, submission of a medical certificate is not required, but they must be declared in advance during the control – taken out from the hand luggage for purposes of a control.