The passenger must not take the following objects into the restricted areas and on the board of the plane:

  • Sharp objects, devalued / deteriorated cartridges, cartridges used as key rings, charms, …lighters, and other objects having the shape of cartridge, cartridge case, and any other ammunition ,
  • Any type of shot gun or any other means for shooting out the cartridge,
  • Replica and other imitations of guns / firearms,
  • Ammunition and propellant,
  • Toy guns of any types, longbow, slingshot,
  • Guns shooting out sharp objects, lighters looking like a gun and others


The passenger must not take the following devices specially made / designed for stunning or holding captive into the restricted security premises and on the board of the plane, including:

  • Devices causing shocks, like stunning guns, taser and knocking blackjacks, no type of a shot gun / firearm, and other means / devices used for shooting a cartridge,
  • Devices for knocking animals and slaughter guns, paralysing and stiffening chemical substances, gasses and sprays, like pepper sprays, tear gas,  chemical sprays and sprays for repelling animals.


The passenger must not take any objects with sharp edge or point or objects which may cause serious injury into the restricted security premises and on the board of the plane, including:

  • Objects used for cutting, like axes, small axes and choppers,
  • Tools for cutting and chopping of ice,
  • Blades, free blades and razors  (except for one-shot razors with a blade in a closed package),
  • Cutting knives,
  • Knives with a blade exceeding 6 cm, without corkscrew,
  • Scissors with the edge exceeding 6 cm measured from the peg,
  • Tools of martial art with an edge or point, ceremony (ritual, collection, ceremony) swords and sabres,                                                                                 
  • Ice skates, all-metal cutlery knives.

Cutlery knives with a plastic / wooden handle may be transported only which length of the blade is up to 6 cm. forks – only child forks with rounded blades

Umbrellas – no umbrellas may be transported with any sharp edge / point.


Tools which may cause serious injury or may be used for threatening of the flight safety are forbidden including the following:

  • Drills and boring crowns including battery operated portable drilling machine,
  • Tools with a blade or spindle longer than 6 cm, which may be used as a gun, like screwdrivers and chisels
  • Saws including battery operated portable saws,
  • Soldering lamps,
  • Clamping and nailer devices.


Objects which in case of a stroke / knock may cause serious injury must not be taken into the restricted security premises and on the board of the plane. The group includes:

  • baseball and softball bats,
  • tools of martial art,
  • sticks and blackjacks / night stick, like bludgeon, sticks with metal head and police blackjacks,                                                                                                                            
  • golf sticks,
  • hockey stick,                                          
  • billiard cues,                         
  • fishing rods,
  • skateboards,
  • any accessories to tents (like tent pegs, collapsible tent rods etc. )
  • tennis rackets,
  • scooters,
  • no pedal cars / bikes,
  • walking sticks,
  • balloons,                                                                                                                                 
  • air-inflated balls,
  • diving lamps may be transported in the hand luggage under the condition that the source of energy is dismounted,
  • fish hooks are assessed individually according to size.


It is forbidden to take any explosives or ignition substances and devices which may, or seem like they could cause serious injury or which represent a threat with regard to safety of the flight / plane into the restricted security premises / area and onto the board of the plane, including the following:

  • ammunition,
  • warheads,
  • detonators and blasting caps,
  • replica or imitations of explosive devices,
  • mine, bombs, and other military explosive materials,
  • fireworks  and other pyrotechnics,
  • smoke creating containers and cartridges,
  • dynamite, blasting powder and plastic explosives.


Zoznam zakázaných predmetov



Transport of lighters

It is generally forbidden to carry any lighters including supplementary cartridge in the hand and check-in luggage. He passenger may take on the board of the plane a maximum one lighter which heating medium is represented by condensed gas. Lighter of petrol – type ZIPO, are not permitted to be transported by the air transport. The passenger may have one piece of lighter only, which must be declared in front of the security control by way of taking it from the hand luggage and during the flight and on the board of the plane the passenger must always have the lighter with him, like in the pocket.

During the flight the lighter must not be put into the hand luggage or handbag.