Obligations of persons concerned who are part of the air transport are included in Section 36 of the Act No. 143 Coll. (the Act on civil aviation):

  • In order to protect civil aviation against any acts of illegal intervention the persons concerned who are part of the air transport are obliged to undergo a detection check and check of transported things / objects according to requirements of persons performing such check.
  • Concerned persons who fail to undergo checks are excluded from the air transport without any entitlement to be returned the travel fee or transport fee.
  • Since 1. September 2015 new regulations have applied for security check / control of explosives detection at all airports within the EU. As part of the security check selected passengers will undergo a further detection check by a special detector.

Going through the detection check

  • Place your hand luggage on a table before the movable strip of the RTG device,
  • Take out all transported liquid, paste / cream, gel, aerosols and place them into a separate container,
  • If you transport a personal computer or any larger electronics (cameras, tablets, players, play electronics, telephones, etc.), take them out from the bag and place them separately  (taken from the transport cover) into a defined container / tray,
  • Take off upper parts of your clothing like the coat, jacket, jumper, jersey etc., take of the hats, caps, or any other covers of your head  (scarves), place them into the tray,
  • Remove your belt, watches and other larger jewellery (bracelets, charms, necklaces, etc.),
  • Take out all things from your pocket, like handkerchief, documents, purse / wallet, keys, coins, mobile phone…, so that the pockets are completely empty,
  • Upon being called go through the metal detector,
  • Follow further instructions of the detection check staff, you may be called to take off your shoes for purposes of their specific check.